Icpe, a company with a long experience in the production of electric cables owns the one and only production line in the whole country for cables and conductors insulated with fluorocarbon resin for high temperatures (200 ° C) designed to operate in aggressive chemical and mechanical environment with an increased resistance to flame propagation. Continued research contributes to the development of a new competitive product series according to the SR EN ISO 9001 : 2008, EN ISO 14001/2005.

Materials used in the production of electric cables:

1. Solid or stranded copper, tinned or silver plated for low-voltage electrical conductors and cables.
2. Resistive copper-nickel alloys for resistive heating cables
3. Nickel – chromium alloy for steam loss detection cables in thermal buses.
4. Nickel – chromium alloy, aluminum – nickel, copper-nickel for thermocouple extension cables
5. PFA Dyneon® FEP fluorocarbon resin, TPU thermoplastic polyurethane, PVC for insulating/cables sheath application
6. Glass fiber for thermal protection of conductors and cables
7. Tinned copper braided shield for special cables, with coverage of min. 85 %

Using materials such as FEP, fiberglass , PVC TI3, TPU, Icpe manufactures a wide range of special conductors, detection cables, compensation and extension cables for thermocouples, heating cables which, depending on their configuration, can be used for electrical connections, heating and defrosting, electrical equipments for automatization, industrial ovens etc.

Icpe manufactures:

1. Dyneon FEP insulated electric conductors for high temperatures (200 ºC ) and operating voltage of 250/600 /1000V used to make internal connections in fixed or mobile electronic equipments
2. Copper mono / multi-polar cables, with FEP fluorocarbon resin insulation and sheath and tinned copper braided shield, used in automation, control, signal transmission.
3. Extension and compensation cables for thermocouples for the electrical connection between the free ends of the thermocouple and the measuring and control equipments.
4. Cable for damage detection (steam loss) used to equip the pre-insulated pipes from thermal buses
5.Electrical heating cables with power between 300W and 3000W for electric underfloor heating, radiant plates, pipes and pipe icing, walkways icing, ramps, exterior stairs, parking, etc.
6. Flexible tinned copper braids for electromagnetic shielding and mechanical protection




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