OEM / Industrial

Icpe fabrication program covers a wide range of innovative products designed and developed to meet the specific customers’ needs.

OEM, customized design, niche market, research, tradition innovation are the main pieces of a sophisticated puzzle that reveals the factories’ image.

The activity on the niche markets means extreme flexibility, speed of reaction, the capability to develop new products in a short time, prototyping capability, capabilities Hi-Tech manufacturing, access to a certified auto-sourcing system, and mainly a team of specialists that keep in their hands the entire company force.

The highly sophisticated manufacturing programs are made on special equipment, with a highly qualified workforce.

Based on its own patents and research, Icpe offers a large scale of customized products, developed to comply with the world-wide  customers’ needs.

The certificate of conformity with the standard ISO 9001 certifies the fact that Icpe adapts and improves its products and services in order to comply with the customers’ increasing requirements.

The certificate of conformity with the standard ISO 14001 attests Icpe’s concerns for:

  • maintaining compliance with legislative and specific regulations and requirements
  • performance by identifying opportunities for the reduction of energy, materials and other resources consumption
  • reducing and preventing pollution

In order to be successful on the market with its products, Icpe has always focused its efforts towards the understanding and compliance with the needs and expectations of all its customers, both the current and the possible ones.

Meanwhile, Icpe identifies appropriate methods and tools for evaluating the degree of the customer satisfaction.