Icpe Metrology Laboratory, with over 50 years experience in metrology, is recognized by national and international bodies in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025/2018 for transmitting the unit legally taken from the National Calibration System the National Institute of Metrology, and is accredited by the Romanian Accreditation Association – RENAR under the accreditation certificate No. LE 014 valid until 2026.




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Areas where Icpe Metrology Laboratory is RENAR certified are:
Mechanical Units

Manometer with elastic element with digital / analogue display

Electrical Units

Multimetre digitale / analogice

Voltmetre digitale / analogice

Ampermetre digitale / analogice

Clampmetre digitale / analogice

Ohmmetre digitale / analogice

Aparate pentru măsurarea rezistenței de dispersie a prizei de pămant

Megohmetre digitale / analogice

Rezistoare de valoare unică

Rezistoare în decade

Additional approaches of Icpe Metrology Laboratory  are:
Electrical Units

Tester pentru măsurare rigiditate dielectrică ulei

Calibrator de curent şi tensiune continuă /alternativă

Şunt simplu sau multiplu

Aparat electronic cu afişare digitală / analogică pentru măsurat tensiune, curent, rezistenţă, în c.c. şi c.a.

Microvoltmetru şi milivoltmetru selectiv

Generator de semnal


Tahometru fără contact


Punte Wheatstone-Thomson

Punte pentru cabluri

RLC-metru digital

Wattmetru monofazat de c.c. şi c.a.

Fazmetru (cosfimetru) monofazat

Aparat înregistrator tip compensator din instalaţii de automatizare

Element de calcul din instalaţiile de automatizare

Analizor de putere curent continuu / alternativ

Time / Frequency

Electronic frequency meter stability 10-6

Microvoltmeter and selective milivoltmetru

Signal Generator



Mechanical or digital calipers, outdoor, interior, deep, with a maximum length of 500 mm

Mechanical or digital micrometer, outdoor, deep, for threads, for gears, for sheet, for pipes, with a maximum length of 100 mm

Mechanical or digital micrometer, outdoor, deep, for threads, for gears, for sheet, for pipes, with the length between 100mm and 500 mm


Mechanical dial comparator, comparators with digital display, with the 0.01 mm divisions


Liquid Glass Thermometers

Type J, K, S Thermocouples

Pt100 Termorezistemte

Digital Thermometers

Device simulation index and T analog or digital

Manometric Thermomete


Laboratory traceability is ensured from the National Institute of Metrology and European laboratories (Fluke and BEAMEX), alongside interlaboratory comparisons with the National Institute of Metrology, Bucureşti Polytechnic University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering,  Metrology Department, Bucureşti University of Construction.

The Metrology Laboratory of Icpe  Measurements Center – Metrology is a founding member and holds a leading position in Romanian Association of Laboratories – ROLAB, association affiliated to the European Association of Laboratories – EUROLAB.

The Metrology Laboratory of Icpe acquired in recent years a large number of specialized standards, performance dedicated embedded software. Metrology Laboratory infrastructure using reference standards of the highest level which traceability is established at national or international level, so the result of measurements generated by them guarantees customers’ trust.

Icpe Metrology Laboratory’s infrastructure using reference standards of the highest level which traceability is established at national or international, so the result of measurements generated by them to meet customers’ trust. Specialists in metrology in the Icpe are concerned about their professional training and are capable and competent to perform measurements in the mentioned areas. All customers – existing and potential laboratory services are directed towards meeting their requirements and ensure that all measurements made their quality meets the requirements and legal and regulatory requirements.

The principles underlying the system of Icpe Metrology Laboratory are:
The transparency principle

The transparency principle is that the laboratory process known calibration/measurement, identify which objectives, policies applied, which are the strategies adopted, as declared and implemented programs that are cost

Principle of impartiality

Principle of impartiality laboratory credibility in the technical competence of laboratories, increase competitiveness and integrity of laboratory personnel is one of the levers for gaining and maintaining trust

Principle of equal opportunity

Principle of equal opportunity access laboratory applied equally in relation to accreditation bodies and customers

The principle of efficiency

The principle of efficiency is the allocation of funds and tracking the goals be achieved with the lowest costs

Addressability principle

Addressability principle and interest lies in the laboratory processing of applications in a timely and efficient manner to ensure that the deadlines agreed with clients

Independence principle

Independence principle laboratory personnel decisions avoid influencing the results of calibration and measurement

Confidentiality principle

Laboratory confidentiality principle is to apply a policy and procedures to protect confidential information and property rights of its customers

Expediency principle

Expediency principle allows laboratory allocation for infrastructure development and increased competence and confidence

The principle of responsibility

The principle of responsibility confined to laboratory information, communication and awareness of staff, being forbidden manipulation or forcing a way to evaluate the results

Necessity principle

Necessity principle is achieved and maintained laboratory rates of application of preventive actions to continuously improve the process of calibration/measurement to meet customer needs in a wide range