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Episode 1. Electra Publishing House

Episode 1 presents the book of priest Nicolae Trușcă, with grace and talent, he manages to obtain a “recipe” in which, in the literary form, Solutions are prescribed - Medicine for the soul, communication, understanding and love. Brave and full of humor, he "attacks" all aspects of life from modest existence, rich in annotations and ambiguities, to the political chessboard, enigmatic, but with inner resonance, testimony in this regard, are some seemingly strange titles related to content - Meeting of the third degree, March 9, With Christmas at Giani Theologian, The costs of European accession, C'est la vie - real screenings for television (sketches). These remain the theme of literary inspiration, with Caragial spirit, insufficiently elaborated dramaturgically, but in which, for a moment, God remains with His and we with ours, human smiling indulgently for eternity.

Episode 2. Electra Publishing House

A book through which our current essay multiplies its values, attached to a line they illustrated in their writings , among others, Andrei Pleșu, Gabriel Liiceanu, HR Patapievici, Sorin Lavric. So is Ana Blandiana, in her essay books. Along with them, Mihai Bădic meditates on the relations between Relative and Absolute, as well as on aspects of social developments, in history and now. A book that wins us over by what it tells us and by the way it does it.

Episode 3. Electra Publishing House

Electra is one of the late pieces of Sophocles, most probably written around 410 BC. At this time, Athens was caught in the titanic clash of the Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC) against Sparta. In the midst of these troubled times, old Sophocles finds inspiration to write an extraordinary play about duty, justice, tyranny, family, and providential heroes. Of all the characters in the play, by far the most important is Electra. It is the driving force of the play, setting in motion and supporting the entire narrative thread. Electra is a force of nature - the violence with which she hates those who killed her father is matched only by the love she has for her brother in exile. However, he is a character who bears immense pain.