70th+ Icpe Anniversary

Icpe.70 +, anniversary event: Romanian Electrical Engineering, between past and future

To mark the 70 years milestone of continuous activity, Icpe organizes the online event “70+”. Fragments of Romanian electrical history, biographies of the great specialists who worked at the institute, but also scientific, technical or engineering contributions to the economic and social life of Romania will be remembered.

The anniversary can be watched directly from the mobile phone, for everybody passionate about the field of electrical engineering and interested in the new development perspectives of the institutions. Icpe provides complete innovative solutions in its own traditional research directions, proving to be at the same time open to approaches in new directions.

The modern research infrastructure, achieved as a result of the successful development of national and international projects, is a solid basis for further development of research in the field of electrical engineering and related fields. Within the institute, personalities like Remus Răduleț and Aurel Avramescu, the university professors Alexandru Nicolau, Gheorghe Hortopan and many specialists in the electrotechnical field carried out their academic activity. Currently, the institute has highly qualified specialists, experienced scientific researchers but also young master’s and doctoral students in training and scientific development.

The event can be watched live on your mobile phone using the code from the right. Photograph the code to participate on the anniversary of Icpe.70 +, on April 22, 2021, 14:00

We are looking forward to confirm your participation on the anniversary of Icpe.70 +.
The organizing team is at your disposal for further information:

+4021 589 3364



A special “thank you!” to all those who are part of the Icpe family, the technical team and the organizers, friends, partners, former and current colleagues for participating in this wonderful anniversary event Icpe.70 +.

It was an honor and a special pleasure to commemorate the 70 years of uninterrupted activity at Icpe, as an organization directly involved in the realities of the time, placing us as always at the confluence of the noble path of science dedicated to knowledge, engineering and technology.


70+, means the destiny of people who have passed and left something of their lives at Icpe
70+, means countless scientific and engineering contributions and we like to believe that it also
means an act of culture, as long as we still consider science as part of the culture
70+, through love, devotion, surrenderless and professionalism means the building of a well-known brand
70+, means pages from the Romanian Electrical Engineering history

From Icpe.70+ Studio

Icpe.70+ in numbers

Icpe.70+ anniversary means:

• Over 500 live spectators
• Over 30 speakers from 3 continents
• A 36 sqm screen
• A fully equipped film set
• 5 cameras
• Gbit internet connection guaranteed
• … any many more hours of work