Outstanding personalities

Academician Remus Răduleţ

Academician Remus Răduleţ, a prestigious personality of European electrical engineering and an unforgettable presence in the scientific life of Icpe, was born on May 3 in Bradeni (Heldorf), as the son of the priest Vasile Răduleţ and Ana Răduleţ.

He was educated in the schools from Berivoi, Sighişoara, Făgăraş as a student of Radu Negru high school (1919-1923) and baccalaureate at Andrei Şaguna Braşov high school (1923). He enrolled in 1923 at the Polytechnic School of Timisoara (1923-1928) and on the advice of Prof. Plautius Andronescu he did his doctorate at the Federal School in Zurich.


The Romanian physicist Ştefan Procopiu is one of the outstanding personalities of world physics whose discoveries bear his name and represent great openings in modern physics.

Today, when we talk about value, what it represents and what the man of value should be in the progress of society, when we need models that younger generations know less, their presentation, in addition to the invitation to be followed , is also a tribute that we, electrical engineers pay with reverence and gratitude to those who developed Romanian physics and electrical engineering.