Modular flexible electric propulsion technology developed for land vehicles and boats
16DSP / 2013

Given the world wide general trends in the research and manufacture of  EV, and concerns of limiting plution from conventional vehicle traffic, Icpe tried to focus research efforts and actions in Romania by creating in the year 2000, a partenership to promote electric vehicles.The first step once did, Icpe organized scientific actions with EV thematics to disseminate results in ROMANIA of electric vehicles projects and submission of research projects by its partners.

Noting that, in Romania there are no manufacturers of electric vehicles and propulsion systems, Icpe aims to develop a product, with a modular design, flexible, which will contribute to sustainable development in transport (water and land) and with potential market in the coming years.

What is innovative in Icpe work is a modular electric propulsion system, made in flexible technologies for equipping land electric vehicles or electric boats. Whether the propulsion is achieved by water or by land, modular structure will be:

Power Supply Module
Power Train Module
Power flow management module
Command and control module
Auxiliary module

Range of Icpe products and services offered by the introduction in manufacturing of SIMOPEL will be:

Modules and products components mentioned above, including the complete unit
Design services of electric propulsion equipment solutions for different types of vehicles on water and land, transport systems or electric vehicles in protected areas
Service and mentenance for vehicles with electric propulsion

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Co: Icpe
P 1: UPB – Universitatea Politehnica Bucureşti
P 2: Technosoft Internaţional SRL


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P1: UPB – Universitatea Politehnica din Bucureşti
Responsabil proiect: prof. dr. ing. Valentin NĂVRĂPESCU

P2: Technosoft International SRL

SIMOPEL – is a project financed by UEFISCDI – Innovation Program – Subprogram Product Development – Systems – Technologies