Electro mechanic components for high tech direct drive systems developed using flexible production lines

The objective of the project is the renewal of the traditional range of products of Icpe with new, high performance products, which will ensure that Icpe will remain in a leading position in its field.

Following the completion of the proposed activities of the project, the following products will result:

  • DC torque motors series
  • Rotational Direct Drive electric machines series
  • Linear Direct Drive electric machines series

Each series will have a minimum of 3 sizes and their main characteristics will be established according to feasibility and market studies which will be carried out during the project.

Products offered by this project will be achieved by means of flexible production lines, which will enable fast execution of parts and minimal cost of small series of high tech electric machines with different characteristics.

The innovative character of the project covers both magnetic circuit solutions for product configuration and means to implement the fabrication technology.

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Project manager
Icpe | Splaiul Unirii 313, 030138 Bucureşti, ROMÂNIA
Tel/fax: +4021 346 7233
The project was won by Icpe at the Competition INOVARE 2012/High Tech Export Stimulation. The activities proposed will be carried out under the contract 2SEH/23.04.2013 financed by UEFISCDI.