Heat Guides Fabricated Using Additive Manufacturing for Enhanced Heat Transfer in Next Generation Electrical Motors

HEATGEM aims to investigate a new heat extraction approach in application to electrical machines. The proposed technique employs thermally conductive heat guides (TCHGs) to provide supplementary heat evacuation paths for the electric machine (motor/generator). The goal is that the optimized TCHGs allow for a 30% improvement in dissipative heat transfer from the winding body and insignificant additional power loss, for the analysed stator-winding assembly. The research is focussed on the stator winding assembly where the main sources of the heat are located, the heat dissipated from the engine being one of the most important problems to be solved. The TCHGs rely on conductive heat transfer. It is intended for the TCHGs to be an integral part of the stator-winding assembly.

Project no. 651/2021
The project runs from 01 January 2021 to 30 Juin 2021
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Paul Minciunescu
Phone: +40213467233
Email: servo@icpe.ro

Coordonator: Icpe (România)

Cloud-based analysis and diagnosis platform for PV prosumers

The project proposes a cost-effective solution designed for small on grid PV systems, where the relevant onsite data are collected, sent to a dedicated cloud platform to be processed, analyzed and diagnosed. The equipment will provide an easy onsite mounting, directly on the prosumer’s installed PV system, without technical assistance. Once connected, it will start rapidly to collect and send data such as: meteorological, spatial PV system configuration, orientation and tilt, into the platform. All received data are automatically integrated and the output data are processed by means of algorithms. The mainly benefits of PVADIPC project are in terms of important time and money savings. The onsite sensors commissioning, data transfer to the PVADIPC cloud platform, their processing, analysis and diagnosis are done fast and easy. As a project result, a smart, easy to use system will be obtained, which will ease the PVs operation. It empowers prosumers to optimize their PV system benefits, e.g. for maximization of the PV generation usage in the moments grid power injection is not allowed, maximizing their revenues or providing flexibility to the distribution system operator (DSO).

Project ref. no: MNET 20/NMCS-3779
The project runs from 09 November 2020 to 09 November 2022
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Contact: Corneliu Ioan Jivan
Tel: 0215893300
Email: cornel.jivan@icpe.ro
Icpe | Splaiul Unirii 313, 030138 București, ROMÂNIA


Coordinator: Icpe (România)

Partner 1: EPRA (Turkey)

Partner 2: USN (Norway)