Innovative Electric Motor with rare earths free permanent magnets for Light Electric Vehicle
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ICPE Coordinator (CO)        
Universitatea Politehnica Bucureşti (UPB) Partner (P1)
Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj-Napoca (UTCN) Partner (P2)
Project code: PN-III-P2-2.1-PTE-2019-0423
Financing contract no.: 47PTE / 2020

Project manager: Lucian Nicolae Demeter, research engineer
Phone: +40 21 346 72 33
Email: demeter.lucian@icpe.ro
Icpe | Splaiul Unirii 313, 030138 București, ROMÂNIA

The EMLEV project is aimed to develop and to put into production of a new, innovative series of synchronous motors with variable reluctance assisted by ferrite permanent magnets for light electric vehicles. The innovative solution proposed will lead to a reliable product, with an estimated efficiency of over 95%, achieved by correlating elements such geometry optimization of the rotor, rectangular section of the winding coils, optimized electric drive.

EMLEV is a project funded by UEFISCDI through the program P2 – Increasing the competitiveness of the Romanian economy through CDI, the sub-program Transfer to the economic operator.

The project objective is the realization of the prototype corresponding to the representative type size of the innovative series of electric motors, synchronous motors with variable reluctance assisted by permanent ferrite magnets for light electric vehicles, series that will cover three power variants (5kW, 7,5 kW and 10kW respectively), testing and validation in real operating conditions.

The project runs from September 2020 to September 2022.
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