This paper is concerned with three-dimensional modelling for a DC Limited Angle Torque Motor using the finite element method, in the design stage. The results of the three-dimensional model are compared with those of a commonly used, simplified, bi-dimensional model, and the advantages are outlined and discussed. The 3D numerical simulation results are then verified against the experimental model with the aim to validate the benefits and accuracy of using the FEM analysis in the design phase of the prototype fabrication.

Three-Dimensional Modelling of a DC, Limited Angle, Torque Motor of Size 16 – 2

DATE: 2016

AUTHORS: Ioana IONICĂ, Mircea MODREANU, Alexandru MOREGA, Cristian BOBOC

PRESENTED AT: Conferință și Expoziție Internațională în Energetică și Inginerie Electrică, EPE, Iași, 2016.

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