Electric Apparatus

The Electric Apparatus Department has this profile within the company from the Electrical Engineering Company’s set up in 1950.
During its continuos activity, there had been jelled several coherent research fields such as:

# Low voltage fuses
# Own low and high voltage testing laboratories development
# Protection against low and high voltage current equipment
# Vacuum and water commutation electric apparatus
# General use and specific electromagnets for the metallurgic industry
# Iron and steel industry and the nuclear field
# Environment electromagnetic analysis
# Metals alteration of form in high magnetic field

The professionals selected subsequent to getting through examination bring into force over 40 patents of invention. Organizing of and participating to scientific events at home and abroad makes the dissemination of the research outputs and knowledge.

Relying on the department background, its specialists offer scientific and technical consultancy in the following areas:

1. Electromagnetic radiation environment diagnosis for: aerial feeders, telecommunication and defense radiant systems, high voltage control laboratories.

2. PC analysis and design techniques.

3. Technical solutions for control and vacuum, gas, and solid-state arc quenching protection equipment.

4. Electromagnetic conditioning for metals.




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