The use of renewable materials in polymer composites is required in order to preserve the environment and improve the standard of living. Different content of bonded cellulose with diisocyanate monomer were dispersed into the matrix of castor oil-based polyurethanes and produced composites with surfaces that yield to fungal attack, thus exhibiting potential for use in applications in the biodegradation and bioremediation processes of polymeric materials.

Synthesis, Properties and Fungal Degradation of the Cellulose – Castor Oil Based Polyurethane Composites

DATE: 2016

AUTHORS: Ștefan OPREA, Violeta Otilia POTOLINCĂ, Petronela GRĂDINARIU, Aurora JOGA,  Bica ZORLESCU, Veronica OPREA

PRESENTED AT: Proceedings of International Conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Engineering, Rome (Italy)