This material deals with the main requirements regarding the household lighting in the kitchen , bathroom , dining rooms, bedrooms, halls etc. One takes into account the main light sources which can be used in the household lighting , taking into consideration the growing of use of the incandescence lamps of 100 W beginning with 01Sept.2009, namely the tubular luminous lamp, compact luminous lamps and, more recently, modules of LEDs with great possibilities of increasing the lifetime of the sources from 1,000 (incandescence electric lamps) to 50,000 working hours (luminescent diodes-LED), as well as the electric energy saving by 30-60 % compared to the incandescence lamps.

Rational Application of the Light Sources to the Household Lighting

DATE: 2010

AUTHORS: Constantin IVANOVICI, Ionel POPA, Viorel IONESCU, Eleonora ȚIPU, Mihai CHERSIN

PUBLISHED IN: EEA 2010 | vol. 58 | nr. 1 | art. 8

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