Started twenty years ago, under the aegis of the United Nations, the sustainable development is not strong enough to replace the actual industrial development. However, it remains the single way for the future of humanity. Until now, in spite of programmes and multitude of actions, the real progresses in the field of sustainability are too small. More, the current worldwide situation continually worsens by the number and intensity of crises. Even the General Secretary of UN, recently recognized some of the severe crises of the present. Unfortunately, the sustainable development cannot be applied, without a moral and spiritual reform of the humanity. This paper analyses some of the obstacles in the way of new type of development, by its own features and the negative precedents continually accumulated during the world evolution.

Precedents of the Sustainable Development

DATE: 2013

AUTHORS: Ionel POPA, Eugeniu Alexandru STERE, Sanda Liana COTESCU

PUBLISHED IN: EEA 2013 | vol.61 | nr. 4 | art. 10

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