During the last half a century, the environment became a global feature of the world. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which started more than forty years ago, after the continuous aggravated environmental issues as: ecological disasters, nuclear explosions and accidents, the use of very toxic substances, the ozone layer depletion, transboundary pollutions, etc. Under the aegis of the United Nations, the sustainable development programme (Agenda 21), which started twenty years later, made also a normal link between the development and environment. The sustainable development included the main factors of life and survival (peace and security, population control, eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, natural resources protection, protection of species and ecosystems, management of oceans and space, etc.).

Environment: Primordial Condition for a Sustainable Future (Part 2)

DATE: 2016

AUTHORS: Eugeniu Alexandru STERE, Ionel POPA

PRESENTED AT: EEA 2016 | vol. 64 | nr. 1 | art. 19

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