The paper presents some of the actions intented to attenuate the negative influences of anthropic activities. The paper remembers too, the most important actions regarding the global environment protection under the aegis of United Nations Organization and the disappointment offer the inefficiency of the sustainable development actions, who affected the environment, the main objective of the sustainable development. A recent hope was generated by the project of the greenhouse gases (GHG) reduction by the accord between 197 states of the world, at Paris Climate Change Conference, in 2015. The first countries of this accord were United States and China. There are revealed too, the destroyer natural phenomena, very dangerous for the future of mankind. Recent researches explain the major influence of the natural factors (terrestrial and cosmic) on the natural environment of Earth and finally of the mankind existence.

Environment, Modeller of the Mankind Existence (Part 2)

DATE: 2017

AUTHORS: Eugeniu Alexandru STERE, Ionel POPA

PUBLISHED IN: EEA 2017 | vol. 65 | nr. 2 | art. 23

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