The general artificial lighting system represents one of the important factors which determines the society development, the labour efficiency and the health level of people, through the conditions ensured over the period without natural lighting. A constant concern on the international level is the increase of the performances of the artificial light sources, which requires studies for both the increase of the present sources parameters and the new solutions for the artificial light generation. The LED lamps, contrary to the compact luminous ones, do not imply the use of any gas, and the technology develops rapidly enough so that one can state that today it represents the best compromise between the luminous emission level and the electrical energy saving.

Electrical Energy Saving in the Indoor Lighting by Using LEDs

DATE: 2010

AUTHORS: Florin IONESCU, Constantin IVANOVICI, Mioara MAZILU, Ionel POPA, Mihai CHERSIN, Ioan DRANGA, Daniel Emilian DOBRESCU

PUBLISHED IN: EEA 2010 | vol. 58 | nr. 1 | art. 5

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