Within the More Electric Aircraft (MEA) concept, the aerospace world has found the possibility to reduce or to replace traditional pneumatic and hydraulic systems with lighter and more reliable electric systems. Important changes are made to the electric generation and distribution system with a trend of leaving the constant frequency AC energy distribution in favour of variable frequency. The matrix converters (MC) represent a more efficient and reliable solution to replace the standard V-BBC (Voltage link Back to Back Converter); however the control required is more sophisticated. This paper presents an overview of modulation and control of MC and an important part of the paper is dedicated to the power converter design. Finally, a simulation using Matlab-Simulink environment and tests are presented on a laboratory prototype.

Design of Direct Matrix Converter for Modern Civil Aircraft Systems Based on MEA Concept

DATE: 2015

AUTHORS: Mihăiță Gabriel NEACȘU, Felix MĂRUȚ, Viorel Șerban STANCIU, Gabriel RÂȘNOVEANU

PUBLISHED IN: EEA 2015 | vol. 63 | nr. 4 | art. 3

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