Challenges concerning the management, consumption and integration of renewable energy sources in the context of smart grid

22 November 2017

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at the ASE Digital Workshop in București, Icpe participated in the scientific event titled “Challenges related to the Management, Consumption and Integration of Renewable Energy Sources in the Smart Grid Context”, organized by ASE as a partner of the OPTIMPV project.

During this event dedicated to OPTIMPV project data were presented regarding the project objectives, the deployment period, the consortium by the members of the research team Icpe, ASE and ENERGY PRO. At the same time disseminated the results of the research obtained so far, through presentations, namely:

  • PhD. Cătălin PLOAE (ASE): “Considerations on the Green Certificates Market Evolution in Romania”
  • Eng. Viorel URSU (Icpe): “Evaluation of the Performance of Photovoltaic Power Plants – Normative References”
  • PhD. Adela BÂRA (ASE): “Methods for Predicting Product Energy in Wind and Photovoltaic Power Stations”
  • PhD. Gabriel VĂTĂŞELU (Icpe): “In Search of Good Practices: Icpe Agigea Photovoltaic Power Plant, Between Construction and Exploitation”
  • PhD. Mihai HANEK (Icpe): “Monitoring of Meteorological Parameters for the Performance Evaluation of CEF”
  • PhD. Adela BÂRA (ASE): “Informational Solutions in the Smart Grid Context”.

Romanian Research Salon 2017

25-27 October 2017

On October 25-27, 2017, at the Parliament Palace in Bucuresti, two events were organized in parallel: the Romanian Research Salon “Designed in Romania” – 2017 and the 10th edition of the Innovation Forum.

At the Romanian Research Salon, Icpe participated as an exhibitor, organizing a stand for presenting the results of the research in the company through: exhibits, leaflets, rollups and Power Point presentations by the members of the research teams. These presentations have captured the attention of the participating audience, facilitated the establishment of new connections with potential users and / or specialists from the country and abroad.

OPTIMPV enjoyed a wide audience at the conference session held at the stand. Analysis of the performance of photovoltaic power stations has raised a great deal of interest in the context of the new energy prediction requirements.

ATEE 2017

23-25 March 2017

The 10th International Symposium on ADVANCED TOPICS IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING – ATEE – is the forum that stimulates the active and efficient exchange of information between researchers in various fields of theoretical and applied electrical engineering. Key leaders from private and state-owned companies involved in this field also took part in the event. For the OPTIMPV project, data on the project objectives, the deployment period, the consortium and the results obtained so far by the members of the Icpe research team were presented.

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