SM2QM-De-Risk is a project which aims to increase the TRL of the stepper motor developed during SM MADPM MKII contract. This contract runs under GSTP programme, Assessments to prepare and De-Risk Technology Developments category. In this project, ICPE aims to further develop its stepper motor technology towards a full qualification model (QM). Beyond the typical R&D tasks related to the manufacturing processes, an important objective is adapting and developing the necessary PA/QA procedures that ensure repeatability in stepper motor manufacturing process.
ICPE will pursue adherence to the specification of the customer. For a faster and more relevant approach, client representatives will be engaged in both major reviews, but will also be consulted during intermediate stages of the development cycle. Achieving the qualification status for the electric motor also advances ICPE’s generic electric motor technology, which is planned to be exploited in bringing to market additional products for space. Moreover, the customer’s requirements specification serves as an input to the current project and the benchmark of product compliance at the end of the work.
All the project activities are divided into five work packages with a total duration of 9 months.

SM2QM is a project funded by European Space Agency (ESA)

The project runs from 04.2019 to 10.2020



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