Icpe Scientific Society association aims at:

  • Promotion of scientific prestige and success in research Electrotechnic profile development;
  • Activities for promoting the establishment and development of databases, education, training, scientific events, symposiums, conferences, training (workshops, trainings, workshops, etc.); services scientific technological research, information technology, universitary research, research design and development projects, products, technologies, know-how, technology transfer, intellectual property;
  • Offering a professionally assisted development of voluntary programs aimed at young professionals for advanced training and support from the association of young professionals for training, advanced, specialization;
  • The development, adoption and implementation of criteria, standards and training, certification, accreditation and standards and ethical conduct, in line with international standards and legislation;
  • Encourage and support scientific research in physical and natural sciences (basic research and applicative, qualitative and quantitative, research-oriented outcomes, processes and common and specific factors of change.) research and interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary;
  • Providing a framework for meeting, dialogue and constructive debate among specialists representatives of various fields, current and schools and between them and the public;
  • Encouraging and supporting creativity, innovation and research in physical and naturall sciences;
  • Promote technological progress in the design, delivery, assessment and research in scientific and technological interventions (biofeedback, virtual reality, diagnosis and intervention via the internet, phone, etc.);
  • Establishment of a centre for scientific research, training and specialised training in fields of interest;
  • Establishment of a publishing own centre of documentation, study and information on areas of interest and the achievement of specialty magazines;
  • Encouraging and supporting the organization and conduct of specialised courses in the fields of interest, independently and in partnership with various universities and institutes in the country and abroad, under the law, provide assistance, advice;
  • Protect and defend the rights of members, collaborators and affiliated organizations, support and representation at national and international interests;
  • Attracting resources and facilitating access to these resources specialists;
  • Informing the public and professionals in physical and natural sciences in relation to areas of interest;
  • Communication, partnership and cooperation with authorities, institutions, organizations and individuals in the country and abroad in fields of interest.
Membership Director Advise:
  • President: Ionel Popa
  • Vice-presidents:
    • Mihai Bădic
    • Alexandru Radulian
    • Radu Dornean
  • Secretary: Nicolae Mocioi

Ionel Popa
Phone: 021 589 33 16
Fax: 021 589 34 77

Nicolae Mocioi
Phone: 021 589 34 39
Fax: 021 589 34 39
Email: nicolae.mocioi[at]

Splaiul Unirii 313, 030138, BUCUREŞTI