Slotless Motors

Zero cogging torque

The slotless motors are high performance brushless synchronous motors excited by rare earth permanent magnets located on the rotor. The stator core consists of a ring made of laminated steel, and the three phase winding is placed in the airgap between stator core and permanent magnets. These motors were designed for zero cogging torque combined with very low ripple torque.


  • Zero cogging torque
  • Designed to be compact, high performance and cost effective
  • Very low torque ripple
  • Smooth operation
  • Maintenance free
  • High energy NdFeB magnets maximize torque density
  • Customized winding for different desired voltage


  • Machine tools
  • Laser scanning and printing
  • Motion simulators
  • Robots
  • Coordinate measuring systems
  • Stabilized platforms
  • Rotary stage
  • Medical equipment