Flat Brushless Servomotors

Axial Flux Ironless Permanent-Magnet Motor/Generator

BSM 240 series brushless servomotors

The discovery of new high field, rare-earth permanent magnet (PM) materials has shown great opportunities for novel topologies of electrical machines.

The machine consists of two outer rotor disks and one coreless stator in the middle. On the two opposing rotor disks there are surface mounted permanent magnets. The stator windings consist of a number of concentrated coils. The coils are held together and in position by using an epoxy resin. Unlike conventional PM (permanent magnet) machine, the magnetic field is in the axial direction


Generator 5kW 3200 rpm

Prospect Generator 5kW 3200 rpm

The BSM 240 series are brushless synchronous servomotors with permanent magnets. With compact design, lightweight, low inertia, high torque to weight ratio they are the best solution for axially limited spaces.


  • Compact construction
  • Axial length is smaller than diameter
  • Low inertia
  • High torque density


  • Servo-systems
  • Robots
  • Factory automation
  • Velocity and positioning applications