D.C. Brushed Torque Motors

DC Torque Motors operate on the same principles as the conventional DC motors but the magnetic circuit design and consequent mechanical configuration are designed for maximum torque output rather than the usual low torque / high speed characteristic. Arange of unhoused units witch are supplied as three separate components, a permanent magnet field assembly, a wound armature with precision bore for mounting and a brush ring assembly or brush segments.

Fixed element – the stator, is equipped with rare earth permanent magnets and the rotor is equipped with a dc specific winding which is connected to an extra flat commutator – brushed system. Low speed Torque Motors are beneficial for direct-drive applications. Position and velocity feedback can be achieved via additions of DC Tachos, Resolvers or Optical Encoders. The unhoused motors described below can be offered in custom designed housings for specific applications.

Advantages: Applications:
  • Stiff Coupling
  • Quick Response to Orders
  • Accurate Static Positioning
  • Brushless
  • Less Power Consuption
  • Quiet and Vibrations-free Systems
  • System in a Compact Construction
  • High Reliability
  • For positioning and speed control purposes
  • Plotters
  • Servo-controlled optical system: cameras, sights, homing devices
  • Tape drives
  • Gyro-stabilized platforms