A.C. Servomotors

Produced in accordance with ISO-9001/2008 and ISO-14001/2005
Products supplied with Certificate of Compliance (COC) and Certificate of Test (COT)

P/N: 4-A-2-01 for ACG-0060

P/N: 4-A-2-02 for ACG-0090

P/N: 4-A-2-03 for ACG-0170

P/N: 4-A-2-04 for ACG-0190

P/N: 4-A-2-10 for 1.18 type

P/N: 4-A-2-11 for 1.4 type

P/N: 4-A-2-12 for 4.15 type

P/N: 4-A-2-13 for 22.5 type