This paper deals with major types of lighting fittings used in the household lighting, taking into consideration the new directions regarding the obsolescence of the incandescent electric lamps (LEI) (of 100 W power) and their replacement by tubular fluorescent lamps (LFT), compact fluorescent lamps (LFC) or, more recently, lighting fittings with LED modules. These increase the luminous efficiency level from 10-14 lm/W (the incandescent electric lamps) to 50-80 lm/W (the LFT, LFC or LEDs) and reduce the electric power consumptions by half compared to LEI.

Trends and Issues in the Elaboration and Production of the Lighting Fittings

DATE: 2010

AUTHORS: Constantin IVANOVICI, Viorel IONESCU, Eleonora ȚIPU, Ionel POPA

PUBLISHED IN: EEA 2010 | vol. 58 | nr. 2 | art. 7

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