This paper presents the Energy IN TIME (EIT) project that is aimed to develop a Smart Energy Simulation Based Control method to reduce the energy consumption and energy bill in the operational stage of existing non-residential buildings. The concept that lies behind the Energy IN TIME approach is the use of more accurate building simulation models able to represent buildings’ complexity and uncertainties for building control and operation while generating forecasted information. The project goes beyond existing building control techniques, mainly demand-response based, developing an integrated control & operation approach that will combine the state of the art modelling techniques and simulation software. Energy IN TIME integrated solution will be validated on a number of existing buildings where the service will be provided. These buildings will be in different Europe locations with different climates.

Icpe Partner in Energy IN TIME (EIT) Project

DATE: 2014


PUBLISHED IN: EEA 2014 | vol. 62 | nr. 2 | art. 11

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