An efficient iterative method is proposed for the computation of the actuation time of electromagnets. The proposed method solves the nonlinear equation of mechanical evolution using a numerical integration procedure. For various feeding curents and by varying the total weight of the mobile armature of a DC fed electromagnet, the actuation time was determined. The magnetic field was calculated with a numerical method, with a finite element software, for a convenient set of positions of the mobile armature, taking into account the nonlinear nature of the ferromagnetic material.

The Actuating Time of an Electromagnet Excited by DC Voltage

DATE: 2012

AUTHORS: Marius Aurel COSTEA, Bogdan Dumitru VĂRĂTICEANU, Constanţa BĂLAN

PUBLISHED IN: EEA 2012 | vol. 60 | nr. 1 | art. 8

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