Sustainable Development Technologies

Considering that the energy resources have become increasingly scarce, for a sustainable development it is necessary that production, transportation, supply and energy consumption to be achieved on bases and principles of efficiency, so that the predicted energy crisis generate easy to overcome effects.
The current geopolitical context that underlies România's energy policies orientation, in terms of a raised attention toward renewable energy resources and improvements regarding energy efficiency.
Icpe was founded in 1950 as a result of the requirements of the times - country electrification. During more than 65 years of continuous activity Icpe has become a company with international prestige, and currently it is a complex structure covering a wide range of engineering activities offering innovative products and technologies, efficient and competitively, with minimal environmental impact.
In the sustainable development context Icpe has as objectives the total compliance with the key components derived from current energy strategy:

  • Promoting the use of renewable energy sources
  • Exploiting the potential regarding energy savings
  • Promoting innovation regarding low carbon technologies
  • Creation of a functional internal energy market
  • Secure and sustainable energy networks

Based on an elite team, Icpe was and is deeply involved in national and international programs regarding the promotion of technologies for a sustainable development, its policy in this direction have the following key elements:

  • Increasing energy security by providing the necessary energy resources and reduce dependence from imported energy resources
  • Improving energy efficiency by reducing the negative impact of the energy sector on the environment and promoting renewable energy sources
  • Sustaining research, development and innovation activities from the field and dissemination of the achieved results
  • Development of the electrical energy market and energy services

For Icpe the technologies for a sustainable development are and will remain a major concern.
Current opportunities regarding implementation and development of energy efficiency improvement projects and projects from the renewable energy field can provide answers to the outlined aspects from the european energy horizon.
All these aspects are a priority at the national level by energy perspective defined up to 2050.

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