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Microwave technique

The main advantage of microwave heating to the conventional heating process consists in heating the whole material at the same time in its entire volume. Research conducted by specialists from Icpe over time have shown that the use of unconventional treatments using very high frequency electromagnetic field is a solution that significantly reduces energy consumption accompanied by other important technical and economical effects such as the shortening of the treatment period, simplifying construction and reducing the size of processing installations and not least increasing the quality level of products.


  • Milk and juice pasteurization
  • Sterilization
  • Cooking and baking
  • Dehydrating vegetables and fruits
  • Drying peeled rice, pasta and macaroni, fruit and vegetables
  • Wood drying, insect pest control, wood stabilization
  • Rubber vulcanization and vice versa
  • Varnish and epoxy resins polymerisation
  • Medical waste neutralization
  • Peat drying


1. Technology and equipment for milk and cream microwave field pasteurization http://www.icpe.ro/en/d/5/p/projects under the program INNOVATION 2007.
Contract no. 88 / 25.09.2007 in partnership with LACTIS Odorheiul Secuiesc, Icpe Bucure演i, CCAI Bucure演i, Miercurea Ciuc Sapientia Foundation, NIKOLIC-URSACHE.

2. Technology and equipment for the peat dehumidification in a controlled microwave field in the program RELANSIN.
Contract no. 2117/2004, in partnership with Icpe Bucure演i, OPTOELECTRONICA 2001 Bucure演i, SETKO SRL, UPB - CCSA, UNIMEC SRL Buz綦.

3. Research on increasing food security through the use of unconventional heat treatment processes of liquid food products (SIGMA) within CEEX.
Contract no. 40/2006 in partnership with CCAI Icpe Bucure演i, UPB, Univ. Sapientia, Nikolic-Ursache SNC, LACTIS Odorhei.

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