Wastewater treatment

Autonomous integrated system for purging domestic wastewaters by reusing water and sludge

Location: Iclod, Cluj, România

The Integrated autonomous system for the wastewater treatment by a water and mud reuse system it was composed of one mechanical-biological treatment plant of the active mud and biological stabilization ponds, one energy production and storage photovoltaic unit, a greenhouse for the water and mud reuse and one automation and control system.

The Icpe contribution is consists of the design of the energy production and the storage photovoltaic facility which supplied the energy to of the wastewater treatment plant and to of the greenhouse. It was made up of photovoltaic solar panels, covering an area of approx. 96 sqm, of a 14 kWp total installed power and a 24 batteries storage system with a nominal capacity of 250 Ah, connected in series to obtain 48V voltage, based on the data obtained from the analysis of the load curve.

The project was partially funded by UEFISCDI under the framework of the “INOVARE”(Innovation) Programme. The co-financing was supported by ICPE BISTRIȚA and Icpe București.

The integration of the autonomous system of the energy production and storage accomplished by the photovoltaic conversion of the solar energy for the wastewater treatment plants built in small settlements, was reduced the environmental pollution, and it was allowed the implementation of these technologies in rural areas that are not connected to the national electric power network.


This project was developed in collaboration with ICPE BISTRIȚA and UNIVERSITATEA POLITEHNICA BUCUREȘTI

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