Presentation Sessions of the young employees from Icpe

This presentation sessions take place every Tuesday of each month and are meant to stimulate creativity and initiative among youth. In addition to that, Icpe invests in these activities in order to motivate the employees and to enhance the unity of the teams.

The presented themes so far are:

1. Vătășelu Gabriel - "Agigea photovoltaic park 0.499MWp, development and exploitation"

2. Nicola Ioana - Maria - "Soldering Materials. Metal Alloys used in Electrotehnic"

3. Sârbu Alina - "Organizing an event in 30 steps"

4. Radulian Alexandru - "Electronic programmer for testing with phase control of the vacuum contactor NeWaLC"

5. Tănase Ștefan - "3D Coordinate measuring machine XOrbit 55"

6. Tabără Octavian: "New tests for a two variable search algorithm implemented in a hysteresis model"

7. Dinu George: "Rapid-prototyping systems used in medicine"

8. Covrig Andrei: "An estimation of the energy efficiency of power consuming devices in low-voltage grids"

9. Nicolescu Constantin: "Electric servomotors mechanical design. CNC versus Classical Machining"

10. Mocioi Nicolae: "AVER, 11 years"

11. Pădureanu Tamara: "Subsystems for Nanosatelites-SuNs"

12. Nicola Ioana-Maria: "Epoxy Resins Used in Manufacture of Electrical Machines"

13. Dinu George Dragoș: "The study and development of an animatronic robotical head"

14. Popescu Razvan: "Intra SWARM UAV"

15. Radulian Alexandru: "Vacuum circuit breaker for feeding and protection of 110kV power line"

16. Nicolescu Constantin: "CWIEME Berlin Fair 2016 Presentation"

17. Mocioi Nicolae: "Equipping irrigation pumping station SRPA - Spiru Haret”

18. Pesteri Maricica: "Cost-effective and sustainable Bio-Renewable Indoor Materials with high potential for customisation and creative design in Energy Efficient buildings"

19. Matei Silviu: "Development of a new reaction wheel using up-to-date technologies Progress of phase trade-offs and preliminary concepts"

20. Ionica Ioana: "Magnetic field models for special electric machines"

21. Ene Florentina: "Online Advertising"

22. Vătășelu Gabriel: "Integrated autonomous system of wastewater treatment with water and mud reuse"

23. Neacșu Mihai: "Development of systems based on iPOS3604H and iPOS8010"

24. Ionică Ioana: “Thermic stability of a circuit board with a microprocessor”

25. Mocioi Nicolae: “AVER–Association for promoting electric vehicles in Romania”

26. Pesteri Maricica: “Research Projects Reporting. Case Study - RETROKIT”

27. Radulian Alexandru: “AC single phase charging station for electric vehicles“

28. Nicolescu Constantin: “BSM 135-1200 NUT Motor”

29. Dinu George: “The design, construction and experimenting of a 3D printer”

30. Vărăticeanu Bogdan: “Finite element analysis of permanent magnet synchronous motor”

31. Vărăticeanu Bogdan: “Mechanical design and analysis of a permanent magnet rotors used in high-speed synchronous motor”

32. Vătășelu Gabriel si Hanek Mihai: “Monitoring Solutions for RETROKIT Project”

33. Neacșu Mihai: “Linear motor drive with iPOS4808 BX-CAN”

34. Vărăticeanu Bogdan: “A novel brushless motor/generator for electric vehicles”

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