Official Statement to the Press, August 5, 2010


Today, the 5th of August, at Icpe - High Voltage Tests Laboratory, there has taken place an event belonging to the series of activities dedicated to the celebration of 60 years of unceasing activity of the Icpe organizations group (which was set up on 5th August 1950).

On this occasion, the press representatives could follow the significant achievements of the Icpe Organizations Group, in the field of the scientific research, industrial applications, products, electrotechnologies and services.

On this occasion of this event, in the tests chamber of the High Voltage Laboratory, there has been publicly presented a scientific experiment meant to validate a theory of the Icpe's researches, in the field of the Classic Electrodynamics. It refers to the generation of some intense electromagnetic fields with very fast slope for the study of the electromagnetic field interactionwith the substance.

For about two decades, our researchers have been working hard on the critical analisys of the Schelkunoff-Schulz isomorphism in the electromagnetic campatibility field, a theory that has nt been validated on the international level, due to some conceptual errors.

These researches have been presented and published in review and intenational symposiums in the USA, Canada, France and Israel The most outstanding publications, in which the Romanian researches invalidated the theory, are IEEC EMC Society in the USA and Ultra Wideband Short Pulse Electromagnetics in Great Britain.

As a result of the Romanian researchers' interference, the Americans withdrew the ASTM D4935-89 standard, related to the phenomena and tests and they appeared to be very interested in our researches, being already quoted in various references from the international scientific literature.

At present, we are in the stage of finishing a new theory of the electromagnetic field interaction with the substance, this teme being experimentally validated, contribution witch was called "The theory of the 3D interference".

This contribution, which is in the finished stage, will be presented in the USA by the end of this year. We are convinced that it will lead to the real increase of the Romanian science visibility on the international level, in a theoretical field belonging to Physics, which in its turn is liable to various applications. Collateral results of these researches are also of interest in the field of the antenna theory, electromagnetic radiation, in general, as well as in the field of the overcapacitors, a trend with major consequences on the technique and technology electric motor car.

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