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    4PTE/2016: Soluție informatică complexă de optimizare a procedurilor de operare tehnică a centralelor fotovoltaice - (OPTIMPV) 
    10PTE/2016: Serie de servo-motoare electrice fără perii cu armături realizate din materiale magnetice moi compozite - (SMC4SERVO) 
    30PTE/2016: Thermo bra for breast cancer detection and localization - (TERMOCAN)
    OIPOSDRU /CPP158 DMI1.4/S /ID139891
    New occupational standards for an economy oriented towards sustainable development and saving energy resources
    POS CEE Axis 2: Efficient and environmentally friendly electric lighting systems based on compact lamps with high frequency electronic power - (ECOSISCOM) 
    Electromechanical components for direct drive systems made tech flexible production lines (HTDD)
    Modular flexible electric propulsion technology developed for land vehicles and boats (SIMOPEL) 
    13 DPST / 2013
    Autonomous  integrated  system for  purging  domestic  wastewaters by  reusing  water  and  sludge
    STAR Programme: Subsystems for Nanosatellites - SuNs 
      National programme: Hardware-in-the-Loop Modular Platform for Testing the Energy Management of Competitive&Highly-Efficient Hybrid-Electric Vehicles - HiTECH-HEV
      National programme: New Vacuum Low Voltage Compact Contactor - NeWaLC 
      National programme: Composite structures from bio-polyurethane resins matrices, sunthesized from vegetal oils, reinforced with bast fibres - BIOCOMRAN 
      National programme: High performance electrical cable insulated with Pa/elastomers dielectric materials - POLIEPDM 
    STAR Programme: High efficiency thermoelectric generator with non-steady state opperation - TegSpace 
    POS CEE Axis 2: Efficient and ecological electric lighting systems with compact lamps with high frequency electronic supply - ECOSISCOM 
    POS CEE Axis 4: Support network for the photovoltaic field development in the new member countries of the EU
    POS DRU: Encouraging the entrepreneurship for the business initiation in the electrical engineering field
    Partnership Program: Researches concerning the economic strengthening methods for the SME’s in the electrotechnical field by developing the organization culture and by applying the innovation management
    3. Apr | ESA workshop
    Between 29th – 31th March 2017 Icpe representatives Ioana Ionica, Bogdan Varaticeanu, Cristian ...
    24. Nov | SPS IPC Drives
    Thank you for visiting our stand at SPS IPC Drives - Europe’s leading exhibition for electric ...
    27. Oct | CCIB Awarding
    Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest (CCIB) held Thursday, October 27, 2016, ...
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