Icpe is actively engaged in the irrigation industry organizing a meeting with the leading actors in the field

March 19, 2015

Icpe initiated a working session on “Upgrading and rehabilitation of the Romanian irrigation systems” having as main objective the development of a strategy on irrigation. At this event participated representatives of The National Land Development Agency – ANIF, of The National Society of Land Improvement – SNIF and representatives of Romanian manufacturers of electrical and mechanical equipment for pumping stations along with land improvements companies.

The main objective of the meeting was to present to the farmers and water users the electrical and mechanical equipment that are developed and produced in Romania now.

The second objective is to maintain and create jobs in industry and education.

Head of Electrical Appliances – Icpe, Mr. Alexandru Radulian, said at the meeting the following: "Icpe encourages, supports and promotes The Organic Agriculture Project through research and development of modern and eco-friendly electrical equipment for the national irrigation system."

After first working session, the following issues were noted:

  • Part of Romanian irrigation system is in a poor state of repair
  • There is no strategy although there is experience, infrastructure development, export of components that nobody needs in the country
  • Rehabilitation work is not made with Romanian production equipment
  • Nobody highlights the Romanian creative-innovative potential
  • Nobody encourages the Romanian industry

Following discussion, the participants felt more informed and found that the current situation in Romania, on integrating the above equipment irrigation system, is not very good and have been proposed constructive solutions.

The team created during the work session that consists of specialists will prepare a letter to MADR and Government which will present the current situation and possible solutions.


Surprisingly, although they were invited, MADR specialists and beneficiaries of OUAIs, for whom EU funds are intended, did not participate in this meeting.

Icpe is actively engaged in the irrigation industry Foto_01 Icpe is actively engaged in the irrigation industry Photo_02

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