Icpe, special guest to ”60 years of Electric Drives"

Icpe, special guest to ”60 years of Electric Drives"

13-15 October 2010. Mr. Dr. Eng. Paul Pencioiu, Technical Director of Icpe, has presented a message at the anniversary event organised by Icpe Actel at Poiana Brasov in which he highlighted the cooperation between Icpe and Icpe Actel since 1992 till present.

Recently, Icpe, Icpe ACTEL and the other organizations that form the Icpe Group have organised and celebrated 60 years of mutual history by creating a special event called “Icpe. First 60 years”, at the Snagov Pallace.

Mr. Paul Pencioiu has sincerely congradulated Icpe ACTEL for the furtherly research in the Electric Drives Domain, initialized by Icpe in 1988. He also handed to the CEO of Icpe Actel- Mr. Ion POTÂRNICHE a booklet and a certificate for special skills in promoting Electrical Engineering.

In addition to this, he suggested a closer cooperation between the two companies, in order to create supplies, electric drives and electric motors. The beneficiaries ar represented  by various domains such as: machine-tools, robots, transfer lines, flexible systems, electric car.

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