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International Projects

ESA Programme/Project: Development of a new reaction wheel using up-to-date technologies
ESA Programme/Project: Stepper Motor for Multimedia Antenna deployment - (SM MADPM) 
ESA Programme/Project: Electric motor spin into space - (EMSIS) 
FP7-2013-ICT-GC Programme/  Project: Global Opportunities for SMEs in Electro-Mobility - (GO4SEM)

FP7-2013-NMP-ENV-EeB Programme/ Project: Simulation based control for Energy Efficiency building operation and maintenance - (Energy in Time)  
FP7-GC-ICT-2013.6.7 Electro-mobility Programme/ Project:  People Centric Easy to Implement e-mobility - (FREE-MOBY)
FP7-SST-2013-RTD-1 Programme/ Project: Premium Low Weight Urban Sustainable e-mobility - (PLUS MOBY) 
FP7-2013-NMP-ENV-EeB Programme/ Project: Cost-effective and sustainable Bio-Renewable Indoor Materials with high potential for customisation and creative design in Energy Efficient buildings - (BRIMEE)    
FP7-EeB.NMP.2012-2 Programme/ Project: Toolboxes for systemic retrofitting - (RetroKit) 
EUREKA Programme/ Project: Laser System for Meterial Processing (2DLMP) machine   
FP7 Marie Curie Actions Programme/  Project: Design, Modelling and TESTing tools for Electrical Vehicles - Powertrain Drives
ERA-NET MANUNET Programme/ Project: Study and Development on an Innovative Eco-Compatible Boat Based on Integrated Hybrid Propulsion System - (EcoBoat) 
EEA Grants - Norway Grants Programme/ Project: Integrated micro CCHP- Stirling Engine based on renewable energy sources for the isolated residential consumers from South-East region of Romania - (mCCHP-SE) 
Nato SfP 974083 Programme/ Project:  Improvement of low voltage vacuum circuit breakers on the basis of vacuum switching electric arc investigation – LOVARC   
3. Apr | ESA workshop
Between 29th – 31th March 2017 Icpe representatives Ioana Ionica, Bogdan Varaticeanu, Cristian ...
24. Nov | SPS IPC Drives
Thank you for visiting our stand at SPS IPC Drives - Europe’s leading exhibition for electric ...
27. Oct | CCIB Awarding
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest (CCIB) held Thursday, October 27, 2016, ...
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