Icpe Solar Park launched at Hannover messe

Icpe Solar Park - The European Hi-Tech Energy Park was launched at Icpe’s stand at HANNOVER MESSE - The Energy Hall.

Icpe has officialy released „Icpe Solar Park - The European Hi-Tech Energy Park”  project at the International Exhibition in Hannover. The ambitious project implies the initiation of partnerships and the reunion in an integrated system of the energy production and energy saving projects - electrical or thermal - based on renewable energy sources.

In the 40.000 m2 of the Black Sea Shore, at „Agigea”, Icpe dedicates it’s space for PV systems, wind turbines, heat pumps, micro-hydro, biomass systems, eco-houses or any hi-tech solutions based on renewable sources, meant to save energy and promote the sustainable development.

Icpe has directed a part of it’s resources in order to offer Esco services and has become a system integrator in the search of partners with international references as equipment providers.

Through this project, Icpe will connect the technology with the users, presenting “the green energy” in an innovative manner compared to a classical technical brochure. It highlights both the technical characteristics and the technologies in use.  

Among the advantages of the partners, there are: Icpe infrastructure, showroom, desk and stand for presentation, qualified personnel, unlimited access to the network of partners Icpe, tests and analisys, certifications and promoting the results, conferences.

Icpe has a 60 years experience in electrical engineering and almost 40 years in the renewable energy domain. Nowadays, Icpe represents a complex structure which covers varied ranges of innovating thematics, connected by ELECTRIC profile:

  • Renewable energy
  • Power efficiency
  • Environmental Protection
  • Electrical and ecological apparatus
  • Special electric cables
  • Special electric machines
  • Servo controll
  • Electrical vehicles
  • Industrial and agricultural automation
  • Electrotechnologies
  • Product quality  

Moreover, Icpe holds it’s own research institute, a technical and active publishing house and a big part of the product are already patented and presented to various international exhibitions (Bruxelles, Geneva, Budapest, Moscow).

In 2009 and 2010 these inventions obtained 12 medals - 8 gold and 4 silver. Based on an elite team, Icpe has been deeply involved in national and international promoting programmes of technologies for sustainable development.

For further information regarding Icpe and Icpe Solar Park project, contact us at:

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Diploma of Excellence
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Join our exclussive project 2011 Hannover Medal
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