Icpe, a company working in the Renewable Energy field, began building one of the biggest showrooms in the country which exposes photovoltaic equipment. About 80 solar panels covering the front of the building are ready for public testing.

How to mount such displays, as well as how the building looks can be seen in the next video:


The General Manager, Virgil Racicovschi, says that the transformation of the facade into a showroom purpose is to offer to the interested public not only sketches and designs but real products that can be seen and also tested at Icpe. The panels mounted on the facade of the building are connected to the equipment inside the building, that will store the energy collected from sunlight.

The new showroom has a scientific purpose, as well. “We are organizing at Icpe the project "Icpe Solar Park" which will have several components. One of the projects, “Infrasolar” also includes photovoltaic panels which will help us develop research and testing in the PV field, declares Racicovschi. A research center, located inside the Icpe building, is used for testing various photovoltaic technologies.

The other services offered by Icpe include technologies for obtaining energy through biomass, solar thermal or hydro. Racicovschi declared that Icpe will organize a conference on electric vehicles in partnership with the “Electric Vehicle Association of Romania” and that it will be held on October 4, 2012, the day celebrating the 10th edition of this event”.

Source: România Liberă - April 25, 2012 

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Galerie imagini fațada PV


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