Renewable energy resources

Icpe was actively involved in the field of renewable energy resources since the early '70s when the oil crisis brought into the collective consciousness the fact that natural energy resources are not exhaustless.

The only way to avoid a potential economic decline was to reduce energy consumption and initiate the development of technologies capable of generating enough energy so that the oil and gas reserves will withstand as much as possible and assure the natural passage toward the usage of new sources of energy.

Also, during the '70s, the issue of the relationship between man and nature began to preoccupy the international community. Activity of R & D promoted by Icpe in the field of clean energy sources was based on demonstrative projects, in line with european directives.

The results of these projects and the proposed applications, falls within a larger context of promoting environmentally friendly technologies for a sustainable development.

Between 1976-1980 is the pioneering period for the production of cells and modules based on monocrystalline silicon when Icpe together with ICCE-Băneasa manufactured the first generation of photovoltaic cells. The production technology of small series was developed entirely by Icpe specialists.

Icpe demonstrated an active participation in both national and international programmes and projects starting as from early '80s when it was involved in projects such as PECO, JOULE, THERMIE, INCO-COP. Icpe is currently involved in FP7 projects and is focusing its efforts toward Horizon 2020 Programme, the Framework Programme of the European Union in the field of research and innovation which runs between 2014 and 2020.

Icpe’s innovative research into renewable sources of energy concern in particular:

  • Photovoltaic conversion technology
  • Wind power systems (low and medium power)
  • Systems and solutions for energy storage in various ways including hydrogen storage
  • Thermal conversion of solar energy

Icpe developed its own research infrastructure implementing successfully the INFRASOLAR project. Through this project Icpe created an important material basis for all research conducted in the field of renewable energy sources.

Today Icpe Solar Park integrates together with the direct outcomes of the INFRASOLAR project the following: the first photovoltaic application from România integrated into a building facade (photovoltaic technologies that have been used: monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and thin layer), scientific laboratories for research, specific photovoltaic applications, technical infrastructure for materials and subassemblies characterization, solar thermal applications, wind energy applications, solar self orientable systems (tracker type), stand-alone (off grid) LED lighting systems, components for electric mobility.

Icpe Solar Park takes over and develops Icpe a tradition of over 40 years in the field of renewable energy sources, representing a complex research laboratory which has in addition a functional role of a particular importance at the educational level, in the spirit of environmental protection and for promoting the use of renewable energy sources.

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