Electrical machines

Electrical machines is one of the most important field of research in. Since its inception, Icpe start the realization of new products, performance and technology development, interest in research began actuators ago more than 50 for years.
The existence of a performant research infrastructure and an experienced research team in attracting research funds by winning projects in national and international competitions.
Of these we highlight the following: Exemples of Projects
The research results have been patented and awarded at numerous fairs and exhibitions, domestic and international: Awards

The research results have materialized in performing a range of products as follows:

  • DC Brushed Torque Motors
  • DC Limited Angle Brushless Torque Motors
  • Special DC Brushless Motors
  • AC Brushless Servomotors
  • DC Actuators
  • Sinusoidal Output Transducers - Resolvers
  • Linear Output Transducers – Microsyn, RVDT
  • Speed Transducers - Tachogenerators
  • Brushless motors with radial or axial air-gap
  • Direct drive electrical machines
  • Frameless Kit Motors
  • Electric generators
  • Large diameter torque motors
  • Electric vehicle motors
  • Motors with soft magnetic composites
  • Ironless machines
  • Zero cogging machines
  • Electric propellers
  • Linear motors/generators – plate/double sided/ tubular construction
  • Outer rotor electrical machines
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