Energy efficiency

Eficiență energetică

Currently Icpe develops a number of energy efficiency projects for buildings with prestigious european partners from FP7, the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. Icpe is also involved in national research projects within the electric mobility area, where successfully managed to develop innovative products and services with a great market potential.

According to Law no. 121 from August 1, 2014 regarding energy efficiency, law that transpose EU Directive 27/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council from 25 October 2012, Romȃnia imposed as a national target a reduction in energy consumption of 19% by 2020.

Policy measures regarding energy efficiency apply to the whole chain: primary resources, manufacturing, distribution, supply, transport and final consumption. Improving energy efficiency is a strategic objective of the romanian national energy policy, due to the major contribution it has to energy supply security, sustainable development and competitiveness, to the achievement of savings regarding primary energy resources and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

In line with this strategic objective of the national energy policy, Icpe has responded to current challenges regarding energy efficiency through an active involvement in research projects aimed at:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Electric mobility and smart energy infrastructure development
  • Streamlining energy consumption regarding industrial processes

Streamlining the energy consumption in industrial processes is another important aspect of the Icpe’s vision. It is known that a significant share of the overall costs of production in most industrial sectors is represented by energy costs. Projects regarding energy streamlining of industrial processes may prove to be the saving solution for a profit growth of an economic agent. The effects of the efficiency measures are even more complex, targeting technical, social and environmental aspects.

Energy efficiency along with renewable energy sources represents an important foundation for sustainable development, contributing to energy supply security, to energy price fluctuations independence, to environment and climate protection, jobs being created at local level for economic growth, contributing also in the field of social cohesion and innovation.

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