The technical visit to Icpe of the Chinese delegation from Gansu Natural Energy Research Institute (GNERI) in Lanzhou, 27 - 30 November 2008

The technical visit of the Chinese delegation was done within the Bilateral cooperation project no. 38-09: “Research and Popularizing of Solar Applicable Technologies and Components”, the third project developed since 2004, between the Gansu Natural Energy Research Institute (GNERI) and the New Energy Sources Laboratory (NESL) from Icpe.
Professor XI Wenhua, General Director of GNERI and promoter of the traditional cooperation relationships between GNERI and NESL-Icpe, was the leader of the Chinese delegation. The bilateral cooperation is developed upon the Agreement between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Romania on the scientific and technological cooperation.
Apart from his position at GNERI, Professor XI Wenhua holds the following positions:
  • Director-General, UNIDO International Solar Energy Center for Technology Promotion & Transfer (ISEC-UNIDO)
  • Vice President, Gansu Academy of Sciences (GAS)
  • Chief Editor, “Gansu Sciences Journal”
  • Expert with Special Subsidy from the State Council of China
  • President, China Solar Energy(Wind) Information Center
  • Senior Technical Adviser, International Scientific Center for Britain

The partner institute, GNERI is mainly engaged in the following activities:

  • The R & D of the new and RE, especially for solar energy
  • Domestic and foreign technical cooperation
  • National and international training
  • Technical consulting and exchanges
  • Information collection & exchanges of solar or other RE
  • Photovoltaic Technology
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Building
  • Solar Cooker
  • Wind Energy
  • Energy Saving Technology on Rural and Conventional Energy.

At the end of the visit a Memorandum of Cooperation was undersigned by the representatives of GNERI and Icpe, expressing the decision of both parties to extend the bilateral cooperation between the two institutes in common projects on the following topics:

  • Developing testing systems and certification procedures for solar systems, in order to promote these products on the Romanian and European markets
  • Exploring financial solutions and opportunities for funding the future projects in the field of solar systems and materials, energy efficiency in buildings, heating and cooling using solar systems
  • Testing systems for solar thermal systems including technical characteristics and prices, together with working procedure for testing and certification
  • Elaboration of a common report regarding the technical solutions to implement solar heating systems in Icpe (București headquarters and Agigea Test Site Facility). We agree to find together commercial opportunities in order to implement solar systems technologies and integrate a production line in Romania
  • Both parties will participate in the evaluation of Chinese solar systems and will elaborate technical reports for solar systems and components provided by different manufactures

Pictures of the meeting

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