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Underfloor heating systems

Icpe – Center of Electrotechnical Materials and Environmental Technologies is an important producer of electrical heating cables and is specialised in designing, manufacturing and installing a complete underfloor electrical heating system, suitable for various applications such as: industrial, commercial and domestic heating, external surface heating, removal of ice and snow and protection against  freezing


  • Stranded resistant conductor
  • Fluorocarbon resin insulation (200°C)
  • Tinned copper screen for electrical protection
  • Protection sheath


  • C6YEY - 640 W - 21 W/m - 230V
  • C6YEY - 483 W - 23 W/m - 230V
  • C6YEY - 560 W - 10 W/m - 230V
  • C6YEY - 453 W - 18 W/m - 230V
  • C6YEY - 1050 W- 15 W/m - 230V
  • C6YEY - 1200 W - 12 W/m - 230V
  • C6YEY - 1550 W - 15 W/m - 230V

Design of the heating system

This heating system can be used for every finite floor type: marble, sand stones, mosaic, linoleum, parquet, wood floor, land, rooms for animal breeding. The electrical heating system is used depending on the room size, the floor material, climate, etc: 

  • total heating, when the power installed is 100-150 W/m2;
  • supplementary heating, when the  power installed is 60-80W/m2.

The underfloor heating system is generally suitable for direct heating. For the underfloor heating system through concrete layer, cables of maximum power (18 W/m2) are used.

For medium size rooms, the cables are arranged so that the installed power should be between 60-100 W/m2 (direct heating).

For bathrooms, it is recommended that the installed power should be less than 100 W/m2 as, for such rooms, a warm floor is desired.

For heating through accumulation (concrete, land), the heating cables are introduced in a  bulk concrete layer (of 10 cm minimum); the latter accumulates the heat produced by the cables during the reduced consumption periods (in the night -time) and releases it during the day and in the evening, the maximum power installed being of  175 W/m2.

Cable assembly 

Cable assembly

Net assembly

Net assembly 

Analysis of the heating surface

 Analysis of the heating surface


  • Direct-rapid heating (100 ÷ 150 W/m2)
  • Steam accumulation heating
  • For low cost periods (80 ÷ 120 W/m2)
  • Supplementary heating
  • Bathrooms, halls (120 ÷ 200 W/m2)
  • Temporary heating (100 ÷ 150 W/m2)
  • Heating of greenhouses (80 ÷ 120 W/m2)
  • Loading platforms, side-walks, roofs
  • Conducts, transmissions antenna, raceways


  • Maximum comfort
  • Temperature uniform distribution
  • Lack of the lateral air currents
  • Precise adjustment of temperature
  • Non-polluting
  • Highest yield
  • No maintenance


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