Noise Level Measurement

Although we are constantly surrounded by sounds, both at work and in any other place, in most cases we operate ignoring "ambient noise". But with increasing level (intensity) noise, it becomes a pollutant of the ambiance of living and working permanently, unwanted, which negatively influences the level of professional performances, being very often the cause of fatigue, nervousness or decrease the quantity and / level or quality of work done. Noise Assessment and measurement is carried out according to relevant standards-related legislation.

Mobile laboratory can perform noise measurements. Laboratory specialists have performed noise measurements in towns / cities with population over 10,000 inhabitants and the obligation to make noise maps. Mobile Laboratory is able to achieve this service through advanced equipment and trained specialists. The areas of application in the laboratory has the    capability and competence to perform noise measurements are supported by infrastructure applied these needs:

  • Industrial - noise measurement in industry, product installations, units or equipment in normal operating conditions in the area designated for industrial activity and STAS 7150-77 GD 493/2006

Applies to all activities in which workers are or may be exposed by their work to risks from noise.
It established minimum requirements to protect workers from risks to their health and safety, in particular the risk to hearing.
Engine and used laboratory equipment is adapted to these types of measurements of noise level to which workers are exposed. If the measurement results indicate a health risk to workers apply appropriate authorized persons. 

  • Urban - measurement noise in the systematization and urban environment

It can make noise level measurements:

• Streets and underground road crossings, parks, etc.
• Urban functional areas, schools, stadiums, cinemas, etc.
• Within the functional areas-trade markets, outdoor restaurants, etc.
  • Construction - noise measurement equivalent residential buildings, technical administrative and socio-cultural and acoustic parameters of construction elements for the protection and acoustic comfort

Construction must be designed and executed that noise perceived by users or people nearby is kept at a level that does not affect their health and allow them to sleep, rest and work in satisfactory conditions.

Lab applies an effective management system and is recognized by regulatory authorities because of impartial presentation of results and data interpretation.

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