Thermography (thermovision) is measured by recording infrared thermal field and temperature distribution view surfaces observed. Thermovision is a non-destructive and non-contact method, useful for detecting faults in industrial systems during operation, without interrupting the technological process. Currently, worldwide field of use of infrared thermography is in continuous development and expansion, mainly due to the advantage of examining large and very large areas in a short time compared to any other method of examination. None of the classical methods of destructive examination does not allow consideration of such large areas. Thermal images taken by infrared cameras are comparable with images taken by a camera in the visible  spectrum or recorded with the camera.

Areas where thermovision plays an increasingly important and are becoming more diversified:

  • Energy - testing equipment, switchboards, low, medium and high voltage busbars systems, turbines, generators, transformers, coils, cables, insulators, contacts, etc.
  • Power systems - heat loss detection, jamming, poor insulation and deposits in pipes and tanks of waste, leakage check valves.
  • Electronic-screening areas overheating circuits, testing of components and contacts.
  • Electromechanical-detect overheating windings or insulation failure caused by overload, jamming, or operating heavy elements like rotary assemblies Bearings, axles, transmissions, caused by poor lubrication, etc. moving equilibrium systems.
  • Construction -  identifying sources of moisture, heat loss detection, poor insulation, testing of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, identifying weaknesses in structures, energy audits, etc.
  • Medicine - both human and veterinary medicine, viewing and evaluation of temperature on the surface.

Thermovision practically applies anywhere temperature provides useful information through thermal diagnostic. Staff training, confidence and infrastructure development in this area demonstrates that our Center, has the  capability and competence to make such a system măsurători.The laboratory practices effective management and is recognized by regulators because of impartial presentation and data interpretation.

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