Electromagnetic Disturbance

The concept of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has occurred with the introduction of microelectronics in automation systems in power converters, electrical and electronic systems in motor vehicles, etc., an event which led to increased levels of electromagnetic pollution of the environment.

Măsurarea Perturbațiilor Electromagnetice

Currently, the area is partly covered by EMC Telecommunications Law no. 74/1996, EMC Insurance Regulation approved by Ministry of communications no. 134/1994 and regulations on the operation of the General Inspectorate of Communications. In principle these regulations refers to electromagnetic disturbance immunity issues nevizând and products.

Human operator, in its work to fulfill its role of leading a process is under the influence of electromagnetic fields. The main action of electromagnetic fields on human body is aggravated or accelerated heart disease, vascular, neurological and psychological. This influence, which depends on the intensity of electromagnetic fields and duration of exposure is increasing due to increasing number of polluting sources of health safety electromagnetice.Pentru fields required accurate information on exposure levels and possible effects on biomedical research health.

Currently, in many countries in the world runs research programs electromagnetic environmental pollution, with the main objective evaluation and application of methods to reduce the amount of magnetic fields produced by power lines, substations, transformers, power supply networkshousing, and household appliances.
The presence of these sources of electrical and electromagnetic fields has made especially in industrialized countries, the electric field intensity and the magnetic field far exceed the natural values of land.

If transmission lines and electricity distribution and statistical epidemiological studies conducted have shown increased risk of disease problem of cancer in people under incindența fields produced by power system. Staff training, confidence and infrastructure development in this area shows that Metrology Department, has the capability and competence to perform these measurements. Lab applies an effective management system and is recognized by regulatory authorities because of impartial presentation of results and data.

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