Building Heat Expertise

Building Heat Expertise is made by Icpe Mobile Laboratory under law 372/2005, the Emergency Ordinance no. 174 of 27 November 2002 and the decree no. 691/1.459/288.
Beginning March 1, 2010, Law 372/2005 came into force on the energy performance of buildings which establishes the requirement to obtain a Energy Performance Certificate for all buildings for energy to be sold or rented and which aims to promote increase the energy performance of buildings, taking into account outdoor climatic conditions and location, the interior temperature requirements and economic efficiency. The energy performance certificate, together with diagnostic thermal images of the building is designed by Icpe.

The law sets conditions on:

    a) The general methodology for calculating the energy performance of buildings
    b) Apply minimum energy performance requirements for new buildings
    c) Implementing minimum energy performance requirements to existing buildings, subject to modernization
    d) Energy certification of buildings
    e) Ensuring regular technical inspection of boilers and systems / air conditioning in buildings and in addition, assessment of heating boilers that are older than 15 years

Building energy performance certificate is an informative and technical document certifying a building's energy performance compared with the reference set by building methodology and recruitment in a classroom building energy performance.

For buildings which are being built, the certificate shall be prepared by careful investor/owner and includes documentation for receiving the work completed.
For buildings which are sold or leased, the certificate shall be prepared by careful owner and is presented in the contract of sale, lease respectively.

Building energy performance certificate is made in these steps:

  • Initial Thermographic Diagnosis
  • Establishment of building envelope characteristics
  • Installations for building energy performance
  • Audit and building energy performance certificate
  • Thermographic diagnosis final

Energy audit of the building include:

  • Thermal analysis and energy-building, which are compiled based on building energy performance certificate
  • Establishing measures to increase energy performance of buildings, with estimated costs, savings, and investment recovery period
Energy audit is completed with the building energy audit report
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