Metrology Department operates in three compartments:  

With an experience of over 50 years in measurements, it is recognized by the Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology, through the Directorate of Legal Metrology București. The laboratory has implemented Integrated Management System - Environmental Quality, aligned to the standard quality, SR EN ISO 9001: 2001 and environmental SR EN ISO 14001/2005, by the Romanian Society of Quality Assurance-SRAC.

The Metrology Laboratory is a founding member and holds the leading position in the Romanian Association of Laboratories - ROLAB, association affiliated to the European Association of Laboratories - EUROLAB. This laboratory has been conducting a project of National Strategy in the Romanian industrial metrology, project conducted in partnership with INM, BRML, ROLAB, higher education institutions and industrial establishments.

This laboratory acquired in recent years a large number of specialized standards, performance, dedicated embedded software, which can transmit the unit of measurement to the newest measuring means on the Romanian market.

The Metrology Laboratory works with accreditation bodies, conducts European-wide services, developing networks of cooperation with equivalent bodies in other countries and seeking to remove thus, by means mutually acceptable, national particularities involving international recognition of tests carried out, as proven by the number of over 160 clients. The Measurement Technologies Center's laboratory has a good collaboration with specialists from different European countries, thus developing interlaboratory collaboration.

         • Thermal expertise in buildings
               Energy audit
               Energy performance certificate
         • Thermovision
         • Noise measurement
         • Electromagnetic disorders measurement

The laboratory developed and is developing research projects on the National Program of Research, Development and Innovation. This laboratory was and still is coordinator and partner of priority projects in safety and environment. We developed research projects in the field of metrology and sectoral national strategy, projects from PNCDI (INFOSOC, VIASAN, RELANSIN, AMTRANS, MENER, MATNANTECH, CALIST, BIOTECH, AGRAL and aerospace).

Within The Research Excellence Program CEEX, we have developed complex research projects, infrastructure projects, equipment and facilities projects and  made Romanian research visible in Europe.

In the framework of the National Program PN II projects involve partnerships and innovation.
The Research Department, based on international partnerships, submitted projects under the International Program FP 7, PHARE and International Partnership Programs.

Researchers from the department participated in national and international congresses and symposia in the field of metrology and other fields of research.  Scientific works have been elaborated and communicated at scientific events and afterwards published  in scientific journals whilst developing innovative patents.

The value of The Measurement Technologies Center - Metrology is based on:

  • Personnel - Our professionalism and modus operandi, individual and collective, is a clear advantage in overcoming our competition
  • Trust - We strive to add value to business clients - a mutual advantage - through correct attitude and principles of conduct
  • Opening - True to the policy of identifying new tryout methods, which our clients will need, we give our support and assure our availability to offering  adequate services in accordance to our client's needs
  • Communication - We are promoting adequate processes of communication with our clients whilst encouraging them to give us an objective feedback
  • Receptivity - based on our open attitude and will of good communication, we  intend to obtain our client's fidelity through our promptness and QoS
  • Continual improvement - We are aware that there are and always will be opportunities for improvement regarding the implemented SMC, the climate and culture within the Laboratory, in which each and every emplyee may apply and develop their creative abilities
  • Integrity - honesty, correctness, respect and mutual trust
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